The first wine that Napoleon ever drank was a Saint-Péray! Situated in the southernmost part of Northern Rhône, this small appellation specializes in white wines made from Marsanne and Roussanne grapes.

Saint-Péray was popular amongst the French nobility, and later found popularity with Russian Tsars and even Queen Victoria. In fact, Richard Wagner composed Parsifal while drinking Saint-Péray wine!

Saint-Péray lies on a gentle slope situated just beside Crussol Hill, on the right bank of the Rhône river. The soil includes limestone, clay, and granite.

Saint-Péray wines tend to be ample but fresh, with mineral notes. Subtle but distinguished, with toast, honey, and almond, they are generally meant to be drunk young.

They work well as an apéritif, and pair with creamy fish or tender veal.

Planted Grapes Marsanne (90%), Roussanne (10%)
Production Area 136 acres, all white
Soil Limestone and granite
Wine Flavor Toast, honey, almonds. Ample, fresh, mineral notes.
Age 2-4 years.
Best Vintages 2012, 2010, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2003
Food Pairings Works well as an apéritif. Pair with creamy fish or tender veal.