Christophe Pichon Condrieu Vineyards A small appellation in Northern Rhône, Condrieu, whose name literally means “corner of the stream”, is situated on a winding section of the Rhône that is exposed to strong winds.

Condrieu is considered the true birthplace of the Viognier grape, which strives on its steep granite slopes, with thin soils, strong winds and lots of sunlight.

Francois Merlin in Condrieu Vineyards Viognier has been planted here as far back as Roman times. Emperor Domitian demanded the vines be ripped out of the soil because his soldiers liked the wines so much, they were shirking their other duties. Emperor Probus then had the vines replanted, claiming that the wines had a positive effect on his men.

Condrieus strike a delicate balance between perfume and body. They have a lovely, floral aroma on the nose. Dry in the mouth, flavors include apricot, honey, and minerals with notes of white pear.

These wines can be drunk young — or aged.

Planted Grapes Viognier (100%)
Production Area 270 acres
Soil Granite with bits of mica, shale, and clay
Wine Flavor Floral aroma with apricots and peaches. Dry in the mouth with flavors of apricot, honey, and minerals with notes of white pear.
Age 2-10 years
Best Vintages 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2005
Food Pairings Grilled fish (bass, haddock). Also poultry, turkey, and white meats.