Domaine Philippe Girard

Savigny Bottles An award-winning vintner, Philippe Girard has won many medals and honors for his wines — particularly his premiers crus. He now works with his son, Arnaud, to create wines that gain complexity and character with age.

Brother of another winemaker (Jean-Jacques Girard), and the latest in a lineage of over 5 centuries of vintners, Philippe Girard follows in the family’s traditions, but gives his wines a livelier, younger twist. If you have tasted Jean-Jacques Girard, be prepared for a more exotic, less classical feel.

Vineyards in Savigny-les-Beaune The domaine is small — only 25 acres — and the vineyards spread over 6 towns in both the Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits. Its holdings include premier crus from Savigny-les-Beaune and grand cru from Corton.

The Savigny premiers crus come from 40-70 year-old vines, the Corton Perrières from 22-year-old vines.

Yields are kept low to ensure good ripening, which gives the wines appeal in their youth. Old rootstocks, especially of the Savigny premiers crus, bring them complexity and richness, and good longevity.

Philippe Girard and Son Arnaud at Home in Savigny Cellars The vinification process is traditional. All grapes are 100% de-stemmed, macerated for 4-5 days, and fermented for 8-10 days with regular capping and pumping over.

Wines are aged 10-12 months in 25-35% new oak for Savigny premiers crus, 40-50% for Corton.

With an intimate knowledge of their 25-acre domaine, Philippe and Arnaud Girard are crafting prestigious crus that are sold to many nations around the globe. Their wines show that you can always add a splash of newness to a traditional process!

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