Volnays are thought of as the most feminine of the red Burgundies because of their delicacy and bouquet, which distinguish them from their more muscular neighbors the Pommards, among others.

Their color is light and their bouquet made of violet, gooseberry and cherry, turning with age to spices, game and cooked prune. Their immediate appeal and rapid maturation make them ready to drink relatively young.

They partner well with slowly roasted or braised fowl, and their intensity is a good match for richly flavored cheeses.

The premiers crus are all grown in the town of Volnay, except for Volnay Premier Cru Santenots, which comes from the neighboring town of Meursault. The premiers crus occupy the mid-portion of fairly steep limestone hills facing to the South-East, where they benefit from excellent drainage and long, morning to mid-day sun exposure.

The Volnay vineyards have been valued for centuries and their wines have gone to powerful patrons such as the Knights of Malta, the Dukes of Burgundies and the Kings of France.

Planted grapes Pinot Noir
Production Area 544 acres, including 326 in premier cru
Soil limestone with ooliths upslope, iron-rich limestone downslope
Wine Flavor violet, red gooseberry, cherry, and, with age, spices, game and cooked prune
Age 3-15 years
Best Vintages 2010, 2005, 2003, 2002, 1999, 1996, 1993, 1990
Food Pairings gamefowl, meat tagines, strong cheeses