Set between Beaune and Volnay, Pommard produces exclusively red wines whose power and fullness (often branded “virile”) contrast with the more delicate and refined (thought more “feminine”) nature of their immediate neighbors, the Volnays. The appellation encompasses a large number of lieux-dits classified as Village or Premier Cru.

Young Pommards feature a deep rubis-red robe, dark-fruit aromas and powerful tannins. Over time, the tannins soften to a pleasing, mouth-filling chewiness, and the Pommard’s aromas evolve toward leather, chocolate and pepper, black cherry and, at times, hints of wild musk.

Pommard’s complex soils feature marl, along with brown calcic and limestone deposits. The high concentration of iron-rich clay in this area give the wines their tannic power.

Even as early as the Middle Ages, Pommard was considered the “flower of Burgundy wines”, and the standard against which all other wines were compared. It continued to fascinate the people of France across the centuries — Victor Hugo likened Pommards’ dark red and violet robe to “night in combat with day”.

The rich aromas and strong tannic structure of a properly aged Pommard make it an ideal companion to game, venison, and roasted red meat.

Planted Grapes Pinot Noir (100%)
Production Area 780 acres, including 302 in Premier Cru
Soil Limestone and red clay, iron
Wine Flavor Powerful, virile. Leathery, rich, full of tannins.
Age 5-15 years
Best Vintages 2012, 2010, 2009, 2005, 2003, 2002
Food Pairings Game, venison, roasted red meat