Where should I store my wine?

How do I store my wine after it is delivered to my house?

Incorrectly storing wine can make it taste flat and lifeless. We recommend storing it in a refrigerator, a wine cooler, a cool cupboard in the basement or any other space that meets the following requirements:

Xavier Durand Taking Bottle in Cellers
Xavier Durand's Cellar
  • Lights out! Wine should not be stored in direct sunlight or other bright places.

  • Avoid temperature extremes or fluctuations. Wine should be stored at a constant temperature, ranging between 50-60°F.

  • Lay the bottle on its side. This keeps the cork in continual contact with the wine, throughout storage, which helps maintain the wine’s flavor.

    What about storing wine leftovers, after I’ve opened the bottle?

    Once a bottle is open, the wine is subject to oxidation, which can destroy its flavor over time. Sparkling wines also lose their CO2, and hence, their bubbles.

    Solution: recap the bottle tightly, and store it in the fridge.

    The cold slows down the oxidation process. But reducing exposure to oxygen is still key.

    We find that transferring the left-over to a smaller bottle that seals well — or even a preserve jar with a rubber-gasket top — works well, at least for a few days.

    Other options include using a Coravin or other device to pump out the air or blow inert gas (e.g. argon) into the bottle before recapping. Efficiency and prices of these devices vary widely.

    Don’t forget to bring the wine back to its recommended serving temperature next time you want to drink it!